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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are biofertilizers?+
2 What is the range of biofertilizers?+
3 What is the dosage of biofertilizers?+
4 What are number of propagules present in 100 G pack of SuperMykorrhizA (WA329)? +
5 What are the beneficial microorganisms present in different biofertilizers?+
6 When to use the biofertilizers?+
7 What is the role of different biofertilizers?+
8 What is the storage life of different biofertilizers?+
9 What is the recommended time for the application of the biofertilizers?+
10 When the application of the biofertilizers is practically indispensable?+
11 Whether all the biofertilizers are organically certified? +